the full story

After 7 years of serving the beautiful couples of Dallas, & covering over 100 weddings, Family portraits, & holiday sessions; I felt the burn & decided to take a break from photography and focus on my full-time career at that time which I had secured after earning my B.Sc. degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Dallas and worked for a brokerage firm for 2 years.

Working in the financial sector I always questioned myself for how I could implement my business school knowledge & experience, into this & create an infrastructure that has a smooth delivery streamline & provides everything that an innocent & nervous buyer needs. that same year, I had a family wedding where my brother was getting married & while struggling to search for our dream team, I got my answer to how I could finally implement my knowledge what most people are looking for & that lacks in the industry; Ease & Comfort! the client needs one less thing to worry about on their big day & the least we can do is to not add on to their worries, in fact, my personal goal has always been to take as much from my clients plate as possible so I can get them happy prepped for the camera & can capture some fresh smiles. the other light bulb that had turned on was ease; ease of shopping & the booking process. most of the photographers we liked did not offer video & most of the videographers we loved did not offer photo services & the number of people who offered both was very slim & not exactly up to our expectation; Hiring both separately was way over the budget! 

standing at the buyers' viewpoint, I got all the answers that I had been looking for. I decided to quit my excelling full-time career in finance & decided to chase my dream & create pixels for you! I spent 2021 revamping Sundas shahid photography & creating pixels. the concept was to provide everything that you need as a couple who’s getting married; Pixels not only now takes care of all your photography needs, but also all your videography needs. We Provide cinematic videography along with photography all under one vendor! I know that looking for vendors can be difficult & communicating with each one of them can be overwhelming; that is why I want to provide you with the opportunity to book both your premium services with us & save lots of time & money!! Our main goal is for you to enjoy the whole process for your big day & leave everything to us to worry about! At pixels. we capture, celebrate, and preserve the Family’s most cherished moments through photography & Videography.

Thank you for considering us to capture your big day, I am honored!